DNV Software Sesam Marine 2013 英文版 海洋作业模拟大发快3软件

DNV Software Sesam Marine 2013 英文版 海洋作业模拟大发快3软件

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摘要:DNV Software Sesam Marine 2013 注册版 海洋作业模拟大发快3软件 由大眼仔(blwbx.com)发布。此为大发快3行业 大发快3软件 ,国内几乎没人免费提供,在这里大发快3小编 免费提供给大家。DNV Software Sesam Marine 2013 破解版,您可以直观模拟,测试和评估海洋作业提前离岸处理,显著降…

DNV Software Sesam Marine 2013 注册版 海洋作业模拟大发快3软件 由大眼仔(blwbx.com)发布。此为大发快3行业 大发快3软件 ,国内几乎没人免费提供,在这里大发快3小编 免费提供给大家。DNV Software Sesam Marine 2013 破解版,您可以直观模拟,测试和评估海洋作业提前离岸处理,显著降低风险。


可以实时执行海洋作业,其中包括安装SURF结构,如模板,柔性立管,管缆和管道过程中使用的芝麻海洋的模拟。 耦合和时域进行多体分析,是除其他基于3阶龙格 – 库塔和纽马克-β大发快3方法 。

DNV Software’s Sesam Marine lets you visually simulate, test and evaluate marine operations ahead of offshore handling, significantly reducing risk.

The ability to visualise the operations in 3D and run multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios sho大发快3Win g the results of all known factors, including dynamic positioning, reduces risk significantly for transportation, installation and lifting of fixed and floating structures and installation of subsea equipment.

The simulations in Sesam Marine can be used during real-time execution of marine operations, including installation of SURF structures such as templates, flexible risers, umbilicals and pipelines. The coupled and multi-body analysis is performed in time domain and is among others based on 3rd-order Runge-Kutta and Newmark-β methods.

DNV Software Sesam Marine 2013 破解版

Sesam Marine includes the modules Sima, Simo and Riflex:
– Sima
Sima software is a simulation tool for marine operations – from modelling to results, built on software for dynamic analysis. Both 3D and 2D graphics make understanding the results fast and intuitive.
– Simo
Simo software is a time domain simulation program for the study of motions and station keeping of multibody systems.
– Riflex
Riflex software is a tailor-made and advanced tool for static and dynamic analysis of slender marine structures.

About Det Norske Veritas (DNV)

DNV’s history is rooted in the maritime sector, starting in 1864. Since then, DNV has added new dimensions to its business: Energy, Internationalisation, Certification and lately Sustainability.

Name: DNV Software Sesam Marine
Version: 2013 version 4.0 Build 10000
Home: www.dnv.com.ua
Interface: english
OS: 大发快3Win dows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 398.5 mb



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