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摘要:Hetman Uneraser 3.9 中文多语免费版 恢复已大发快3删除 文件和文件夹大发快3工具 由大发快3(blwbx.com)发布。如果您正在寻求一种大发快3工具 ,将大发快3帮助 您迅速恢复您的数据后,大发快3删除 -故意或意外后-选择HetmanUn eraser。 Hetman Uneraser是专为这些需求。提供一个简单和用户友好的界面类似…

Hetman Uneraser 3.9 中文多语免费版 恢复已大发快3删除 文件和文件夹大发快3工具 由大发快3(blwbx.com)发布。如果您正在寻求一种大发快3工具 ,将大发快3帮助 您迅速恢复您的数据后,大发快3删除 -故意或意外后-选择HetmanUn eraser。 Hetman Uneraser是专为这些需求。提供一个简单和用户友好的界面类似于大发快3Win dows资源管理器,它与任何类型的现代和传统媒体,支持所有文件类型和将能 够恢复您的文件即使在硬盘格式化!

Software for Recovering Deleted Files and Folders
Looking for a tool to quickly recover deleted files? Need to undelete erased documents or recover a bunch of deleted folders? Deleted a bunch of files with Shift + Delete or cleared up the Recycle Bin? Hetman Uneraser will help you get everything back in a matter of minutes!

Undeleting Files: The Easy Way
Hetman Uneraser safely recovers files and folders deleted from all popular types of storage media. Supporting both FAT and NTFS file systems, the tool supports desktop and laptop hard drives, solid-state media, external storage devices as well as certain models of digital point-and-shoots and audio/video players.

Backup Policies and Fault Tolerant Systems
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Recoverable File Formats
Hetman Uneraser can successfully recover files of all formats with no exceptions. However, for certain data it can go one extra step, offering an even better chance of recovering essential information such as Office documents, PDF files, pictures and videos including RAW files and Photoshop designs, email messages, archives and backups, and many other types of data you would rather not lose. For these formats, Hetman Uneraser can do a context-aware analysis of the entire disk surface, looking for deleted files by their unique signatures. Such files can be recovered even if there is no record about them left in the file system.

Recovering Office Document Files
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Recoverable Devices

Hard Drives
Hetman Uneraser recovers files and folders from hard disks of all makes and models. FAT and NTFS file systems are supported on all desktop, laptop and external hard drives.

Memory Cards
Recover information from all types of memory cards including SD/SDHC/SDHC, micro SD, Compact Flash, Memory Stick and so on. It can also recover files from USB-connected smartphones, audio players, GPS navigation systems and some point-and-shoot cameras.

USB Pen Drives
Hetman Uneraser all types of USB drives regardless of the model or manufacturer. We support pen drives of every type from legacy USB 1.1 to the latest USB 3.0 variety.

Disk Fragmentation and Data Recovery Issues
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Recovering Data from External Storage
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Easy to Learn and to Use

We made Hetman Uneraser safe and easy to use. The fully guided, step-by-step wizard will help you through the entire recovery process. In fact, you can start using the tool by simply selecting the disk with deleted files on it and clicking the “Next” button. The tool will then perform the analysis blazing fast, presenting you with a view of the missing data – exactly the way you would see it in 大发快3Win dows Explorer if only those files were not deleted.

Pre-Recovery Preview

The preview is an essential feature of all Hetman recovery tools. Pre-recovery preview allows peeking inside deleted files before you decide whether it’s worth recovering. The preview supports hundreds of file formats including all popular document and image formats, a bunch of video formats, compressed archives, backups, emails, text and HTML data. You can even preview information about executable files or use the built-in HEX editor for low-level access. Finally, for every recoverable file you can see its exact physical location on the disk.

The Engine

Hetman Uneraser may look simple, but it features a highly sophisticated data recovery engine under the hood. In fact, it shares the recovery engine with the much more expensive, professional tool Hetman Partition Recovery. There are two approaches to the recovery: Quick and Comprehensive. In Quick mode, Hetman Uneraser will scan the data in the FAT or NTFS file system, returning the list of recently deleted files in a few brief moments. This mode is blazing fast, really, but it can miss certain data, especially if a file was deleted a long time ago. In addition, the Quick mode won’t be much use if you formatted the disk (or flash drive, or memory card) as the file system will be empty after formatting.

To help you recover information in complex scenarios, Hetman Uneraser employs the highly sophisticated Comprehensive analysis mode. In this mode, the tool reads the entire disk surface and uses a number of heuristic, content-aware analysis techniques to detect known file formats by their characteristic signatures, calculate their exact physical location and finally recover from the disk. This mode may take quite some time depending on the size of your disk and the amount of information stored on it, but it is able to recover documents, pictures, databases, archives, emails and many other types of data a long time after they’ve been deleted.

Inside NTFS: Files in the NTFS System
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Inside FAT: File Search
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Data Recovery of Fragmented Files
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Recovering Information with Signature Search
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Why Deleted Files Can Be Recovered?
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Data Safety

Safety was a major goal when Hetman Uneraser was designed. The tool uses strict read-only access to storage media being analyzed. This approach ensures it won’t damage anything it’s up to recover. Make sure you don’t write anything onto the disk being recovered yourself. For example, make sure that you download, save and install Hetman Uneraser onto a disk or partition different from that you’re about to recover. The ultimate safety can be achieved by using virtual disk images. This technique allows capturing a bit-precise image of the volume you’re about to recover in a single sweep, effectively minimizing the number of disk access operations and reducing the chance of accidental failure of a damaged device. The disk image can then be used to recover the files.

Forensic Disk Analysis
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Recovering Data: a Toolkit for Administrator
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Why Data Recovery Comes Handy Even if You Do RAID and Backups
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Saving the Files

In order to ensure the safety of your data, you’ll want to use a different disk or drive letter to save files being recovered. Sounds simple, but only if you have enough disk space available. If you don’t, Hetman Uneraser offers a convenient wizard allo大发快3Win g you to choose whether you’ll be saving the files onto a hard drive, burning a bunch of CD’s or uploading them to a remote server.

Supported storage options include the ability to choose any local or remote disk, burn a CD/DVD with a built-in disc burner, or upload the files to a remote location over the FTP protocol. You’ll have the option of saving everything into a single folder or re-creating the original folder structure.

System Requirements and Compatibility

Hetman Uneraser works with all versions and revisions of FAT and NTFS, including VFAT, FAT 12 / 16 / 32 as well as NTFS 3, 4, 5. It can correctly recover information from compressed and encrypted volumes as well as all crypto containers (as long as you know the original password). Hetman Uneraser is compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of 大发快3Win dows including 大发快3Win dows XP, 2003 and 2008 Server, Vista, 大发快3Win dows 7, 大发快3Win dows 8 and 大发快3Win dows 10. The tool requires you to have Administrative privileges on the system you’re about to recover.

Recovering Protected and Encrypted NTFS Files
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